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Costa Rica offers great amount of places to see. Some of them have their similarities yet all are different. The trips we have set up here include the places and activities that you should not miss. Traveling is well deserved therefore the investment in time and money should be worth the effort. Our recommended trips strive to make you take the most out of your vacation, with a suitable balance between the activities and relaxing time at your leisure.

But, perhaps you cannot be away for the amount days we suggest in the itineraries. Or maybe you would like to stay longer at a particular destination. Perhaps you have already been in costa Rica and just want to relax at the beach. And why not? You might be thinking of spending your cold winter months here in the warm tropical paradise.

If any of those is your case please contact us and we will be more than glad to help you figure out how to take the most out of your vacation.


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What to pack: click here to get ideas on what you really need to bring along.
What to wear: click here to get ideas on what to wear. Avoid mistaken clothes.
 Coast to Coast: You want to Travel from the Caribbean to the Pacific.
Triple Play:Rainforest, Mountain and beach resort.
Honey Moon in Paradise
Incentives: Creative ideas, consulting services for a theme party or special event.
About weather
Classic: Volcanoes mountains and beach
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