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Travel in Paradise

Travel in Paradise CR is a Costarican owned corporation with many years of experience in tourism. We want our travelers to experience Costa Rica in full: its landscapes, its nature, its people and culture. Our recommended trips have been carefully designed to make you take the most of the time you are here. Our itineraries are tailored to make you enjoy activities and places without losing time, when possible, in repeating the same road. Your needs and comfort are our top priority.

Our guided trips are intended to be a learning experience for each of our travelers. Our staff carefully plans every aspect of your trip.Our guides, the interaction with locals, the activities you do here are all factors that entice you to this learning. Therefore, enjoying and taking the best out of your trip.

Our mission: is to provide itineraries tailored to make our travelers enjoy Costa Rica taking them to places and teaching things they would have never considered before, expanding their understanding of the world around.

Here at Travel in Paradise CR, we strive to provide just that sort of life-changing travel experience. We are dedicated to providing meaningful vacations. We are right by your side when you travel to make sure your trip runs smoothly.

Browse through this site to find out more about our trips and what makes us different. For each trip, find a full day-by-day itinerary as well as detailed travel notes which include country demographics, tips on what to pack, weather and shopping,

Our Guides:

We believe it is not only what you see but with the new eyes you see it. Guides are the ones that open your eyes to the wonders of your trip. Our guides are experienced natives that will introduce you to the marvels of nature. Walking in the jungle without the expertise of a guide is like listening to the best singer in the world without knowing or drinking the fanciest wine without knowing. Travelers who have decided to go on their own often times wish they would have traveled with a guide. Guides besides taking the hassle out of the travel, provide a learning experience. They give you an insider's view of the land you visit. Our guides' warmth, enthusiasm, and in-depth knowledge of your destination add an extra dimension to your travel experience.


Travel Tips:
FAQs: Most usual questions from our travelers and its answers
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What to pack: click here to get ideas on what you really need to bring along.
What to wear: click here to get ideas on what to wear. Avoid mistaken clothes.
 Coast to Coast: You want to Travel from the Caribbean to the Pacific.
Triple Play:Rainforest, Mountain and beach resort.
Honey Moon in Paradise
Incentives: Creative ideas, consulting services for a theme party or special event.
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